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6 September 1836 -- 13 October 1893, Victorian-era artist.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
40110 Checkers Players Gustavo Simoni Checkers Players mk155 1902 Watercolor on paper 53.7x76.2cm
25175 L'Arrivee des mariees (mk32) Gustavo Simoni L'Arrivee des mariees (mk32) huile sur toile signee et datee 1885 61 x 90.2 cm Anc Mathaf Gallery Londres
89568 Rua Dom Manuel Gustavo Simoni Rua Dom Manuel oil on canvas Dimensions 87 x 117 cm (34.3 x 46.1 in) cyf
61839 The Halt of the Caravan Gustavo Simoni The Halt of the Caravan 1885. Oil on canvas. 24 x 35.25 in. (61x89.5). Najd Collection. Courtesy Mathaf Gallery, London.

Gustavo Simoni
Italian, 1846-1926
Atkinson Grimshaw
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